Premier Venture

WebRTC Video Conference

Wondering how to get connected with your team mates or vendor?

Always depended on back end support for scheduling conference?

Always have challenges to circulate booking details to the entire participants?

Wondering how to do instant conference?

We can solve all your problem with our :

World's 1st Instant Conference Facility

Why put people hold when you can instantly connect with your prefferred group of members?

Instantly & Schedule Conference Facility

You can connect instantly or schedule by just clicking the app.

Enhanced Convenience

Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility with many innovative features that makes it easy to use.

Safe and Secure

Controlled access and complete confidentiality made available through secure platform based approach.

Our Available Products Type::

  • Secure audio and video meeting rooms for an improved collaboration experience
  • Up to 5 video participants or up to 10 audio participants
  • Peer to Peer communication
  • Up to 10 video participants or up to 20 audio participants
  • Video and Audio recording
    • Peer to Server communication
  • Three presenters and up to 50 participants
  • Video and Audio recording

Call Recording Function

Call recording function